About us


- Establishing the Master Color Company for targeted development of conceptual sales of paint and plaster tools in Eastern Europe. 

- Registering the Master Color® trade mark.


- Ensuring the regional availability of Master Color® products in all Russian territory. Launching to the market of Master Color® Conceptual Product Solutions. Solutions with paint and plaster tools for shops of different formats: from 1 to 3 modules are available in the market. 

- According to numerous requests from Customers, the logical consequence of developing the Master Color® product matrix was creating the 4th module: “Surface Preparation” with Chinese- and European-made applicators. 

- Master Color® product distribution is launched in Kazakhstan and Belarus. 

- Start of Internet sales via websites.


- Continued development of the Master Color® product range in the segments of “Surface Protection”, “Covering Materials”, “Painting Tapes”, and “Tools for Decorative Materials”. 

- Production of the first orders of the “Private Label”/ OEM line for Customers who wish to develop their own brands in the tools at the local, regional, and federal levels. 

- Start of Master Color® product distribution in Tajikistan.